As the spider spins its silvery threads in all directions, the World Wide Web reaches out uniting and drawing people together from all walks of life. The silvery threads of time hold veiled treasures full of unexplained hidden secrets. However, there is delicate meaning behind all this at work where at first sight the threads appear tangled, mysterious, and incomprehensible, nothing really happens by chance.

I believe “everything happens for a reason” and although we may not at first grasp this meaning, there is an ingredient that permeates all of this. That ingredient is a combination of Diligence, Respect, Honor and Hard Work. I believe our chance meeting here on the net has a purpose.

My intention here is not only to convey an academic message, but to take you on a professional journey where mind and soul are intertwined with the threads of time and space, connected and filled with significance. Therefore, this is not only my professional webpage, but also a glimpse of the academic, social, and emotional path that brought me to where I am today.