Call for papers 2023: Seventh Forum Young Graduates in South Tyrol – Siebtes Forum für Jungakademiker/-innen in Südtirol – Settimo Forum per Neolaureati in Alto Adige

In 2007 I initiated the “Forum for Young Graduates in South Tyrol”. In an effort to promote an ongoing interdisciplinary and intercultural scientific dialogue, I have invited young graduates of diverse disciplines in 2023 for the seventh time to tackle the task of intensive investigation into “cultures in dialogue” as it relates to issues of international as well as regional relevance. The descriptive aim of the forum is to provide an overview of diverse aspects of the phenomenon of a multicultural society in South Tyrol. The constructive aspect of this endeavor it to pursue the following goal: To create moments of encounter, of intersubjective as well as interdisciplinary dialogue and lay the basis for a theoretical foundation of practical forms of dialogic problem analysis and problem solving. In an attempt to motivate dialogue across language barriers, a screening panel of international experts of diverse disciplines chose five contributions.
A price of 1,000 Euros will allow the graduate/post-graduate presenting the most meaningful and promising scientific contribution to publish it in the international publishing house “Peter Lang”. With the Forum for Young Graduates as a biennial event I also aim to institutionalize my collaboration with Young Scholars: It allows us to mingle the respective strengths, be it from the practical applicative approach to questions of integration and intercultural issues to the theoretical analysis of those issues from a research oriented perspective. The collaborative effort of participants at the forum 2007 gave birth to a book project entitled “Cultures in Dialogue”. This is the first of a series: We will be working on the 2023 edition of “Cultures in Dialogue” with contributors who will be members or presenters in this years conference. In order to continue the discussion of those interdisciplinary themes, you are invited to contribute to this by joining the online forum: make suggestions, hand in contributions, simply get involved!
Moreover, in order to foster the ongoing debate, presenters at the forum, members of the screening panel, as well as other experts in the field, students and everybody who aims to get involved who are interested in joining the online forum – just follow the link and share your ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

Abstract and short cv using the template below should be e-mailed to:

Prof. Dr. Dr. Mag. MSc Annemarie Profanter
Libera Università di Bolzano – Freie Universität Bozen
Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione – Fakultät für Bildungswissenschaften
Viale Ratisbona 16 – Regensburger Allee 16
39042 Bressanone – Brixen
Tel.: +39 0472/014 141
Fax: +39 0472/014 009



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