Academia is rapidly becoming more interdisciplinary and interrelated, both culturally and thematically. By being an active member in professional academic and experiential organizations that span over four countries, I believe I am better able to keep my academic finger on the world pulse. These organizations and their affiliated publications: The “British Psychological Society” in the UK, the “SIPED–Società Italiana di Pedagogia” in Italy, “Psychologenkammer der Autonomen Provinz Bozen” in Italy, the “Liste der Klinischen Psychologen” in Austria, the “BRISMES–British Society for Middle Eastern Studies” in the UK, the “SCCR–Society for Cross Cultural Research” in the USA, and the “EERA–European Educational Research Association” represent some of the best agencies promoting advancements in psychological and educational research occurring worldwide.

Enrolled Member

“SIPED  Società Italiana di Pedagogia”
Italian National Association of Pedagogy, Italy, 2001, 2009-present

Enrolled Member

SeSaMo – Società per gli Studi sul Medio Oriente
Middle Eastern Studies Association, 2013-present

Listed Member

British Psychological Society
Leicester, UK, 2003-2009

Active Member

“Liste der Klinischen Psychologen” which licenses professionals to work as psychologists in the specialized field of Clinical Psychology in Austria, released by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and Women, Vienna, Austria, 2003-2009

Registered Member

“Psychologenkammer der Autonomen Provinz Bozen”
Professional Association of Psychologists of the Province of Bolzano, Italy, 2001-present

Active Member

BRISMES  British Society for Middle Eastern Studies
Institute for Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies, University of Durham, UK, 2009

Enrolled Member 

EERA – European Educational Research Association
Free University of Berlin, Germany, 2009
SIPED, the Italian National Association of Pedagogy, is a EERA Member.

Listed Member

AMEWS – The Association for Middle East Women’s Studies, Indiana University, USA, 2010

Former Member

SCCR – Society for Cross-Cultural Research, York College, CUNY, USA, 2008

Affiliated Consultant

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