Badanti – Pflegen in der Fremde/ Badanti – Assistere in terra straniera


Buchvorstellung des Buches „Badanti – Pflegen in der Fremde“ / „Badanti – assistere in terra straniera“ mit Diskussion und Präsentation des Kurzfilms „Die Badante“

Presentazione del libro „Badanti – Pflegen in der Fremde“ / „Badanti – assistere in terra straniera“ con discussione e presentazione del cortometraggio “La Badante”

Freitag | venerdì, 30.09.2016 – ore 20.00 Uhr in/a Proveis

Barbara Bogoni
Frauenvereinigung DONNE NISSA’ Associazione

Annemarie Profanter
Professorin an der Fakultät für BIWI, unibz / Professoressa alla Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione, unibz

Karin Valorz

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A New Dawn for Women in Higher Education in Saudi Arabia: Looming Changes on the Horizon?


This radio interview was broadcasted on SWR, a German radio station, on the 3rd of November in 2013 and draws from my experience as educator in the female section of Prince Mohammed University in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.
In explicating my extraordinary experiences in this multi-faceted place the focus is on the eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and centers around the contacts and relationships built through my employ as educator for the women’s campus of the first “co-educational”, “high tech”, private university delivering its curriculum in English, Prince Mohammed bin Fahd University (PMU). (mehr …)

Polygyny in Oman


A documentary by Annemarie Profanter and Stephanie Ryan Cate in cooperation with Arda Nederveen.

The film “Polygyny in Oman: Forms and Changes of this societal and cultural marital arrangement” was being shot in the Sultanate of Oman in February/March of 2011.
The intent behind the film was to offer a glimpse into daily life in the Sultanate for those people living in polygynous marriages or families in order to allow people to see the similarities amongst all forms of families presented and also to demystify what in the West is an uncommon marital form. This film addresses this lack by explaining in intimate and vulnerable language some of the divergent cultural practices which can antagonize and alienate European neighbors and colleagues.
In collaboration with American Research Fellow Stephanie Ryan Cate from the University of Alabama Huntsville (USA)  and a filmmaker Ms. Arda Nederveen, Visuele Producties, Netherlands, I realized a film trip to Oman from the 26th of February to the 12th of March 2010 building on the connection established during my work as professor at Dhofar University in 2006. The intimacy afforded by being in their homes and spaces allowed a greater openness to the questions regarding their daily lives and lifestyles. (mehr …)

In memory of Prof. Otto Schober (died in January 2010)


A couple of weeks ago, I had just returned from a conference in Rome, it was late in the evening and before leaving the office. I rushed to the printer to get some printout of research articles to take home for “bedtime reading”.

From the corner of my eye I saw Prof. Schober who, surrounded by a ton of student essays, was still there marking papers. It was pitch dark. He looked desperate, and I said: “Hey Prof. Schober are you all right?” He sighed and said: “If you only knew Dr. Profanter, if you only knew.” I thought, at first, he was losing it over students’ work; then I realized that he was in fact pale like a ghost, had lost at least 10 pounds and was just a shadow of himself. Well, I stopped and gave him a chance to come close and open his heart. The fact that he held my finger tightly (that I had jammed in the door in Rome) while telling me his story was at first overshadowed by my physical pain, but shortly after, nothing compared to the human suffering Prof. Schober shared with me. He was in deep shock over the sudden cerebral hemorrhage his son had suffered a couple of weeks ago…blood everywhere…intensive care…a vision of spending Christmas beside his bed in the hospital…, horrible really horrible images. Prof. Schober just stood there, stunned by the injustice of life. (mehr …)

In memory of Abdullah Baqweer


In memory of Abdullah Baqweer (died on the 30st of October 2008) translated into Arabic and published in both languages, English and Arabic, in Al Watan newspaper, one of the two major newspapers in the Sultanate of Oman. It has also been posted on the Dhofar University students webpage on facebook:
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